January 25, 2018


So many pretty variations of this quilt!  

If you are not taking advantage of my Farmer's Wife Quilt Revival Facebook group...you really should! 

Whether you are farming or not, there are a lot of free pdf tutorials shared on this Facebook site to help build ones skills.  No matter what quilt you are making!

 Laurel Jensen's farm blocks

If you ARE interested in making the 1920's Farmer's Wife Sampler Quilt...you have an option! 
Template piecing provided in the book OR...
My Farm Classes that convert the blocks into rotary cutting methods and modern techniques.  

Sale for the 'Complete Set of Classes' (only) has been extended until January 31st.   
It's the only sale i'll have on these classes in 2018
Available only through my Etsy Shop.

Learn, Share, Quilt!

January 12, 2018

Fine Mist Spray Bottle

I've been using Mary Ellen's Best Press for years and LOVE IT.
But I've never loved their spray bottles.
I find they leak and at times shoot out a stream that saturates one big spot on my fabric.  Not cool.

A quilting acquaintance shared her love of this spray bottle.
looks like that fabric could use some pressing!  Lol

I'm so hooked, i had to put my cute sticker on it!  
I think it takes a few uses for the bottle to kind of 'loosen up' and do it's thing, but it sprays a nice mist, easy to hold and does not leak.

You can find these spray bottles at Sally's Beauty Supply, if they have them in stock.
Or you can use this Amazon link.

Learn, Share, Quilt!

January 9, 2018

Sew Straight Tutorial

Have you used this tool?  

Here's how it fits with my Bernina.  I have a large Plexiglas sewing table and the Sew Straight hangs just beyond the table.  That does not bother me at all and i don't feel it is in my way.
oh look!...working on the Amelia pattern

Line up the needle exactly even with the 'stitching line'.  Attach Sew Straight with the reusable Scotch Squares that come inside the package.  This keeps the tool in place yet is easily removed without any residue.

You can see the shadow of the reusable square.

To stitch a 1/4" seam allowance, line the fabric up with the 1/4" seam line and start sewing your perfect 1/4" everytime!

Corner Triangles require no marking!  That's time saving!!

What about half square triangles?

Again, no marking!  When making half square triangles, typically one would draw a diagonal line from corner to corner.
With Sew Straight, line the corner up with the left seam line...

...and stitch to the end, keeping the corner of the square, lined up with the 1/4" seam line the entire time.

Rotate the unit around and sew on the opposite side with the corner lined up to the same left 1/4" seam line.

Now there are 2 sewn lines 1/4" away from the center diagonal.  Cut apart corner to corner and what do you get?

Two Half Square Triangles!  
Can you imagine how quick chain piecing becomes?  

Attaching binding strips...  Of course your binding strips will be much longer than these!

When i sew my binding strips together on the diagonal, i move the top strip over a tiny bit so i can see the bottom fabric. This allows me to see and not guess where the underneath corner lies.

Perfect diagonal seams...and no marking!

For all my Farmers...Sew Straight sure helps with those 6-1/2" Farmer's Wife Blocks!  Just keep your fabric lined up with the lines on Sew Straight...and you'll be happy!

UPDATE:  Some have asked how Sew Straight works with a top loading bobbin...great question!  I know the tool is super easy and quick to re-position, but since i load my bobbin from underneath, i really can't give an accurate opinion.  Thankfully, Bev from BlossomandBev on Instagram has a top loading bobbin and has agreed to test Sew Straight and give us her thoughts.  So stay tuned!  :)

Sew Straight is available by clicking on the Amazon button below.  


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